It is clear that we are in the flat and simple design era, interesting geometric and other shapes, and even more intriguing is the return of retro and vibrant. The crucial part of this though, is how to remain true to your brand, be original and be forward.

In a time where lines of color tend to be blurred, expanded and sometimes overlooked it becomes a bit dicey to be daring and pick the brightest or most dull color.

Content is then made easily digestible and much appealing to the observer; the message become obvious and grabs attention across the age demographic. This also leaves room for white space to not be vicious, it gets to also have a profound and lingering voice that has an impact. It also improves the design’s longevity and maximizes relevance over the years because it isn’t cluttered with pictorial edits whose intent may washout in a year or two, it could just simply get recycled.

Fonts also take a large portion of appeal in what you put out to people, and as of late simple and less intricate, that is more legible, lets your message be read clear. Customized fonts puts forward your brand’s personality and sets you apart from a whole bunch to a watchful eye. Letting your quirky side come out to place also brings you closer to your product consumers and differenciates from your competition, you can stand out even without saying much. This would of course mean living by your drawing board a lot more than ordinarily acceptable, that is where genius difference is born. You get to tell a story that allows them to want to tell you theirs, the kind that will have them asses themselves and feel like maybe it is ok to be weird. Everyone appreciates minimal presentations that do not look like too much work to engage, allow him or her the luxury to have and be captivated by a simple and intriguing billboard, or flyer as they go about their day.


The Life of a Creative in Botswana

There is more to being a creative than the dirty All-Stars, nerdy glasses, cigarette darkened lips, an unreasonable infatuation with Apple products, and the excessive drinking. Trust me there is more. I will not waste time and characters on the definition of a Creative. Let’s just say it’s anyone from whom Creativity in the arts is expected as a means to deliver results and contribute to the creative industry.

Can I start by saying how Creativity is a powerful tool for economic diversification and reaching ascending economic goals for all involved?  We see it happening world over. But we are in Botswana and not the rest of the world.

First of all, working in the Creative Sector is working in an industry most of our parents (and a lot of other people) do not understand. Many would much rather have their children be working as nurses, teachers, lawyers, engineers and the like. Please don’t take this the wrong way, these jobs are also great for people who like them and excel in them. Great. Just great. But what of the radicals, the ones who are not good at number crunching, or building stuff or teaching, or bringing people to life. What about us?

Let’s also talk about the long erratic hours creatives are subjected to.  We are middle people; wholesalers of ideas, while our clients are retailers. Our aim is to give them the best of ideas in the shortest time. This sometimes means, staying after five to get the best out of oneself, environment and the dwindling Botswana Internet. These late nights mean, missed parties, missing your child’s first step, special dinners and other occasions. It also means there are a lot angry spouses out there. It does. Let me just send a heartfelt apology to all who have had to deal with this.

Nurses nurse, teachers teach, preachers preach, doctors doc… You get the logic. Creatives must also create. This is where things get tricky.  By definition a Creative should craft different works, things that amaze and wow and charm. Things that make the other party appreciate how different they look, in a way they would not have done, had a creative not put their touch to it. So how now, is a creative supposed to create Out of the box solutions, when they spend days confined to the box? Out of the box solutions require of the box thinking and this requires the freedom to express and stretch mental boundaries. Think of it this way; when one goes to the doctor, they let the doctor do their job. But creatives get so many hindrances to them doing their job fully that it’s hard to really give out bounder-less creativity.  But then again, creatives don’t create for themselves. Maybe they need the boundaries and the directives to hone in the skills into reaching pre destined point.  So I don’t know. In fact forget this whole paragraph.

The other thing about creatives in Botswana is remuneration. Can someone in Botswana make a good enough living to compete with people of the same years of studying/qualification of experience? Mmhhh!!! While the issue of payment comes with experience and negotiation skills and all that jazz, it’s fair to say, the value that creatives add to any process far exceeds how much they get “thanked with”.  But we shall overcome.

I can keep at this post quite a long time before running out of things to say. But here is the gist of it all. Creatives of all walks in Botswana are faced with many challenges. But the love for creation keeps them going; the appreciation they get from the few people that see the value of creativity also keeps them going. The future is as bright as the opportunities Creatives seek. There will be late nights, there will be people who don’t value what creatives do, but the results will speak for themselves. Let us continue to create and change people’s lives because we have responsibilities. We have a responsibility towards the people we create for. And most importantly we have a responsibility towards the art itself.

Let’s Create!!!


Print Media is not dying

It seems ironic to go on an online platform and be bold enough to say print media, is still very much alive but it’s true. I even feel funny typing this post. But it’s the reality. Print is not dead, just yet.

Shall we talk about what I mean by print? Lets. Print Media is any form of published hard copy written work, craft. Newspapers, Advertising, Novels, Academic textbooks and so on, and so on… You get the picture. Hard copies basically!

I know what you are thinking, most people would rather engage on this sort of debate online rather than in print. They say print doesn’t allow you an immediate response and interaction with others, you have to either pick up the phone and call a friend to talk about the ridiculous article on that newspaper or other, or to excitedly ask if they could “peep this super funny advert”. Who hasn’t called a friend about a funny post in the newspaper, or sex tips on our favorite Magazines? The thought is always that if it was digital it would be just emailing or sending whatever you want to say via instant message, or even fancier, share it on your social media page. True that. Yet nothing counts for the mutual connection and bound between man and paper; the sensation of fondling through the pages as one gets buried between the lines, thrusting deeper with every turn of the page. It’s a feeling digital cannot give.

Most print houses are said to be downsizing and looking mostly for fresh out of university journalists who understand the impact of social media and can use it. So why am I still adamant and brave enough to say print is not dying? You ask, popular magazines and news outlets are careful not to give everything to the end user online. They give enough to grab your attention and to want to buy the actual paper and want to see more. Some magazines even offer exclusive niceties for consumers with monthly subscription to their magazines and or newspapers; it gives customers a feeling of honor and personal connection, which is what consumers yearn for.

This, however, is still a problem for those who want to advertise in those outlets. An advert can and will circulate faster on social media and other digital platforms faster than it can on print. It engages a larger  group of people at a time; they talk about it in every aspect possible and dissect its value. Most consumers trust the opinion of fellow consumers about the product in question, usually found in the comments section. But it has just as much lasting impact on print too, given how many articles are on that given paper and how many times one person will keep coming back to read what they hadn’t on that paper.

The older generation, those who are keen, and avid readers will not be satisfied with receiving their news and adverts on platforms that allow 140 characters only. Some news demand more room than that, they need to be told in detail and well. Some who still value integral news reporting and advertising still buy papers and indulge. So it can be said that print media is only learning to co-exist with the new and flashy kid on the block.

The death of print is something that is predicted every time a new form of media arises. We have seen it every time a new invention comes. Who remembers the Walkman and how the disc man killed it off? What happened to the disk man itself? Digital music players killed that off too. But this is where print media is different. More than the news carried in print media, there is a connection between the reader and the paper. And this connection will keep print media going because that is what the people crave; a connection. So log out, clock out and log into a book and enjoy the long-lived and long living, and still tolive connection of print media. Read a book.


The Magic Of Creativity

Let me tell you a story. It is a story about feelings. One particular feeling to be precise. A feeling of newness and nostalgia, different perspective and same angles, remembrance and discovery. It is a story about how something’s transmute us, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to the uncharted territory of amazement and sensual joy. This is a story about the sculptors of this unearthly feeling; the originators, the founders, the Columbus’ of great feelings. For the next couple of borrowed episodes we will be looking at the power of this feeling, and following the process of its creation and the impact it has on the lives of People. Welcome to the magic of creativity.

Join us as we identify crafts men and women, who employ creativity in their tasks to bring to light this feeling. We plan to have conversations with these guardians of feeling, and explore what inspires them,and what makes them do what they do.

The Magic of creativity Blog posts will also look at the supporters and enablers of this feeling. There people out there who allow the creators, the freedom to create and we will have conversation with them too. They are just as important to the process as the craftsmen.

We at Voodoo believe creativity is a responsibility entrusted to the few. We have a responsibility to this great art form to employ it in all that we do. Just as builders build, Creatives must create. There are others out there like us. Patrons and believers just like us. We will find them, we will celebrate them!

We are Voodoo, The Magicians, and this is the Magic of Creativity!

The Magicians





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