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Brands & Social Media

Its easier for all of us to voice to our opinions and project who we are and what we want to the world now because if social media. Everyone is out to play and all is fair in this sphere. We are free to say what we want in a language that is most comfortable to us, in tones we feel brave enough to wear and in ways we choose. Hash tags have assumed a way much valued meaning, I am not sure there was a time when anyone of us ever thought that one character would constitute a petition, appreciation or be used to shed light to an issue. I have found out more about a lot that happens around the world from the comfort of my chair, on Twitter. Not too long ago there was the Johnson’s & Johnson’s and Nestle product credibility debacle that had me questioning my entire childhood because I grew up on those products. There was a lot more that we, the entire digital community, frowned upon that involved various brands that we love and live on.

A lot of the brands in question have slowly migrated into the digital world while some choose to stay out for whatever reason (cowardice, really, I try to be polite but…), while some think social media is too confrontational and chaotic. What they fail to acknowledge is that, that rowdy and too confrontational bunch is their consumer base structure. We basically complain, commend and recommend that which we have first hand experience with, unless when we are just being little nuisances and speak from the side of our mouths about products we have no or second hand knowledge of. We have left the formal and, frankly, tedious process of writing and mailing complaints to companies about products they sell us, it is 2016 after all.

Most brands will not conform, and that, I honestly believe is their worst mistake. Brands should care what we think enough to want to know what we are saying about them, they should be all up in our mentions and comment sections, listening to our conversations and taking notes because we are why they are in business to begin with. We consume what they sell. It would give them so much insight; all the behavior patterns, peculiar preferences, what we like and dislike. It would afford them a chance to be on the same plane with what we really want to feel like regarding the products we use is. They need to know what we want so they give it to us.

Imagine what could happen if I felt like Lil-lets understands why I become so emotional, irrational and incredibly irritable and they are willing to give me a product that would say to me “here, the universe may be against you today but I am not.”

So yes Brands, Social Media, is here and is here to stay. Be part of the conversation, or best believe the chat, retweets, comments, likes and reposts will not be the only thing you miss out on.

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