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Dreaming in Colour


It is clear that we are in the flat and simple design era, interesting geometric and other shapes, and even more intriguing is the return of retro and vibrant. The crucial part of this though, is how to remain true to your brand, be original and be forward.

In a time where lines of colour tend to be blurred, expanded and sometimes overlooked it becomes a bit dicey to be daring and pick the brightest or most dull colour.

Content is then made easily digestible and much appealing to the observer; the message become obvious and grabs attention across the age demographic. This also leaves room for white space to not be vicious, it gets to also have a profound and lingering voice that has an impact. It also improves the design’s longevity and maximizes relevance over the years because it isn’t cluttered with pictorial edits whose intent may washout in a year or two, it could just simply get recycled.

Fonts also take a large portion of appeal in what you put out to people, and as of late simple and less intricate, that is more legible, lets your message be read clear. Customised fonts puts forward your brand’s personality and sets you apart from a whole bunch to a watchful eye. Letting your quirky side come out to place also brings you closer to your product consumers and differentiates from your competition, you can stand out even without saying much.

This would of course mean living by your drawing board a lot more than ordinarily acceptable, that is where genius difference is born. You get to tell a story that allows them to want to tell you theirs, the kind that will have them asses themselves and feel like maybe it is ok to be weird. Everyone appreciates minimal presentations that do not look like too much work to engage, allow him or her the luxury to have and be captivated by a simple and intriguing billboard, or flyer as they go about their day.

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