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We are passionate about what we do and we believe that the ability to think is the ability to create.

The Spell Book

We believe that to stay ahead of the pack, your juju should be relevant and impactful.

The Spell Book

See the magical work we have crafted over the years

The Believers In The Magic

Magic happens when you are bold and fearless.

Sandra Moreau
Chief Marketing Officer. Orange Botswana

Although Orange Botswana is a very demanding customer when it comes to communication (high quality requests, very short timelines, very strong constraints related to brand guidelines, respect of processes), Voodoo has always thrived to go beyond to satisfy our needs and support us to reach our business objectives. Very creative and absolutely professional.

Jericho Keletso
Senior Communications and PR officer. BOCRA

Voodoo has provided pleasantly courteous, level headed and professional contact persons, espouses a culture that commits to consistently deliver high quality services and products with a knack for detail and accuracy and management has demonstrated ability to direct it's backend staff and deliver high quality service and products under short delivery timeliness and stressful conditions.

James B. Molosankwe
Manager, Marketing and Communications. BGI

The team has demonstrated good skill and diligence in handling complex projects. These are uncommon attributes that compel the institute to recommend them to any organization wishing to engage their services. Their ability of paying attention to detail and high level of professionalism in executing work are also characteristics that sets them apart, possibly from others.


A television commercial highlighting LEA’s business mandate.
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We Craft Magical Things

See the magical work we have crafted over the years.

The Spell Book

Our mojo is informed by insights. We believe that to stay ahead of the pack, your juju should be relevant and impactful (the juju must be strong)

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Where Magic Means Business

See the magical work we have crafted over the years.

  • BBS Products Campaign

    Campaign was primarily designed to promote all the bank products and services ranging from property, savings, loan, investment and mortgage.
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  • BMC Stall Branding

    Stall branding used to showcase BMC products and services at the annual Global Expo and Consumer Fair promoting local products.
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  • Legal Guard Corporate Shoot

    Internal campaign shoot using staff.
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  • MVA Fund 2016 Annual Report

    Annual report won PWC 2017 award for the best published corporate report in the parastatal sector.
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