Tumisang Moyo

An Angel with a broken wing, stranded on planet Earth.

base1 2

Basetsana Lotshe

She always gets what she wants.

cecil 1

Cecil Tabona

Believes there’s a deeper meaning to “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog”.


Mpho Pilane

I have an opinion about everything but vegetables.

bhudaza 1

Olebile Tatedi

He’s the Neo of Graphics. Reloaded. Revolutionised.


Eva Peacock

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says i’m possible.


Bob Mmatli

The “seeker ” won’t sleep until he has found.


Tidimalo Gwere

Fun, Vibrant and Innovative.

steven 3

Mr Vano

We only see him month end. Our Payday man.

touch 3

Thabo Ponatshego

The Macgyver of the Creative studio.


Bongani Gaonakgomo

Half the Stig, Half Schumacher, Half the Transporter.