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The Magic of Creativity

Let me tell you a story. It is a story about feelings. One particular feeling to be precise. A feeling of newness and nostalgia, different perspective and same angles, remembrance and discovery. It is a story about how something’s transmute us, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to the uncharted territory of amazement and sensual joy. This is a story about the sculptors of this unearthly feeling; the originators, the founders, the Columbus’ of great feelings. For the next couple of borrowed episodes we will be looking at the power of this feeling, and following the process of its creation and the impact it has on the lives of People. Welcome to the magic of creativity.

Join us as we identify crafts men and women, who employ creativity in their tasks to bring to light this feeling. We plan to have conversations with these guardians of feeling, and explore what inspires them,and what makes them do what they do.

The Magic of creativity Blog posts will also look at the supporters and enablers of this feeling. There people out there who allow the creators, the freedom to create and we will have conversation with them too. They are just as important to the process as the craftsmen.

We at Voodoo believe creativity is a responsibility entrusted to the few. We have a responsibility to this great art form to employ it in all that we do. Just as builders build, Creatives must create. There are others out there like us. Patrons and believers just like us. We will find them, we will celebrate them!

We are Voodoo, The Magicians, and this is the Magic of Creativity!

The Magicians.

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