Where Magic Means Business


The Art Of Planning. The tactical maestros that prepare the right concoction with a dose of passion.


The voice of feeling the spell casters are all about emotional connection.

Creative Design

The tour de force. The creators and unconventional thinkers - Bakwadi, Bataki, Barulaganyi.

Events / Activations

The geniuses who bring it close to home. Their spirit actively activates the passion from within.


World. Wide. Wizards. The night crawlers. The tech geeks. Nerds who are just getting some love

Branding / Production

The final dose of the magic. What you think, is what you get. They make it happen.


Voodoo was tasked with crafting a television commercial for LEA highlighting that LEA supports small and medium businesses in more sectors than just Agriculture and the Leather Industry.
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We Craft Magical Things

An integrated brand communications agency staffed with magicians.